Indian Pass Mini Vacation

Well, we have just returned from a mini vacation at Indian Pass and Cape San Blas. It is known as the “Forgotten Beach” and now I know why. There is no one there! We had the beach all to ourselves except a few fishermen now and then. The good thing about the area is there is absolutely nothing to do. No stores, no croud, no nothing! And that is just what we needed!

Our daughter and her husband went with us. Below is a picture of one of the fish she caught. It has totally changed my perception of the gulf waters. If you could see what we caught, it would make you think twice about going swimming. Catfish, water snake, sharks, oh my goodness sharks everywhere! We did try our luck grilling one shark and it was fantastic! Now i know something that they are good for…eating!!!!

If you’re looking for a beach place away from everything, check them out! It fits the bill! Also visit the Indian Pass Raw Bar. Very good!

Ricky and Laura Oswald

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