Photographs of Sweet Gum Bottom Bed and Breakfast

We had a wonderful Photographer (see info below) to come and photograph our Bed and breakfast. I wanted to share of few of the interesting photos that he took. These are not room photos ( I will post them later) but rather interesting angles and details of furniture and other objects around the B&B. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have. He did a fantastic job!

These are the petals on my antique pump organ. I love the way the sun was coming in on them!
Vanity in the Kennedy Anne Suite. A neat angle.
The garden entrance.
The sun shining in on the dresser in the Laura Leigh Suite. So pretty!
Pillows on the bed in the Laura Leigh Suite

Fireplace mantle in the Laura Leigh Suite.
Antique pump organ with flowers
Now for some fun shots…

This is our outside cat, Lucky, that would love to be an inside cat. lol
This is what all of our guest do here, just chillin…

Our guest greeter…Lucky!
This wonderful photographer is Bruce Fizzell. Check out his work at 
Thanks Bruce!

Ricky and Laura Oswald

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