Boggs and Boulders, Red Chair and Sweet Gum Bottom

What a combination…a red chair, Sweet Gum Bottom Bed and Breakfast and Boggs and Boulders. What could these possibly have in common? FUN and a lot of it. Red wanted to share, in detail, his experience mud riding with Ms. Laura, Bruce (photographer) and Ashley (our host).

This is so cool. Ms. Ashley picked us up in this cool machine and we are off and running… the first place we stopped at was the “Volcano”. Doesn’t look steep, but it is! When you make it to the top there is a mud pit with a track around it. Looks hazardous to me! Didn’t try it!

Now this is fantastic! It is a spring fed swimming hole. In south Alabama they swing from a rope and fly off in the water. I thought I would try this one. I was all harnessed in and ready to go…

BRRRRRR it’s gonna be cold!!!!!

Whew, after that I wanted to cruise for a while. Ashley took us riding on some of the beautiful trails. Time would not allow for us to go on a lot of them. She said that you could spend a whole weekend and not have time to go down every trail there. And I believe it, it is a huge place!
At one stop we were able to go inside a cave. Now who would have thought that in South Alabama?

That was fantastic! It has a hole in the top that lets light shine down. You’ve got to see this!
Next we went by a lot of lakes and creeks that you can ride in, if so inclined. That’s for the ruff and tuff! And those who don’t mind a little (lot) of mud. Orange is just not my color… But one lake has special meaning to it. Get Mr. Joel to tell you about it. Hint…read the sign.
On one of the trails we came up on these beauties. I don’t think they have ever seen a red chair like me and to be truthful, I have never seen anything like them! lol Only in Alabama I suppose?

Well, this is getting long so You will have to come to Sweet Gum Bottom Bed and Breakfast to check out the rest of the photos of my trip to the south. Please go check out Boggs and Boulders, too. It is a fantastic place to have fun! Thanks Mr. Joel, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Laura and Mr. Bruce for showing me such a good time!

Ricky and Laura Oswald
Bruce Fizzell Photography

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