Red Chair Travels: Sweet Gum Bottom Bed and Breakfast – Part 1

This is part 1 of the Red Chair Travels adventure to Sweet Gum Bottom Bed and Breakfast.

      After Red’s arrival, we chatted for a while and was soon ready to turn in for the night. Had a big day ahead of us!

      Our first adventure was to the historic Covington County Jail. The jail was mostly used from 1900-1949 and closed in the 1970’s. The jail housed inmates from one nighters to the most seasoned criminals. One of Andalusia’s most famous over-nighters was Hank Williams Sr. He was brought into the Covington County Jail on a drunk and disorderly charge. According to local historians, he was playing a New Years eve party at a local establishment.

           The Covington County Jail in Andalusia, Alabama offered the Alabama Paranormal Research Team a little more then they bargained for. The team traveled to Andalusia at the request of local historians and the Andalusia Police Department, who wanted better insight on how and what REAL ghost hunters do. The jail proved to be tougher than expected! You can read the entire article at

      Well after Red heard about this, we had to show it to her. So here is what we captured…
She wanted to take a look from the fire escape first. She was very hesitant!

When she got up the nerve we walked up the white steps that are enclosed with red bricks. I have to say…I had never been this close to the jail myself. It was a little creepy to me, too! We both peered in the front window and all of a sudden I looked and she was GONE! She could not get out of there quick enough!
 Around that corner she went! It was so funny!


 Once we gathered our composure (her scared and me laughing), we tried to talk her into visiting the Cemetery next door. It is suppose to be haunted as well. She was not having any part of that! We did get her to pose in front of it for a picture, though!

Well…that was the first adventure and it was all fun from here on out! Stay tuned for part 2… The Red Chair Travels to….?


Ricky and Laura Oswald

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