Spring break 2017 on your way to the beach?

MOMs and DADs … If your headed to the beach for spring break 2017, leave a day early and stay over at Sweet Gum Bottom Bed and Breakfast. We offer a one night minimum for those wanting to get closer to your destination. The next morning you’re just a hop north of the beaches. 

We are offering a special package for this type of stay. Many want to conserve their money for the trip, so we are offering a special price for a one night stopover. Any room for $125 with coffee. No breakfast is included with this package. It allows you to get up and “hit the road” to the beach Whoohoo! SPRING BREAK!!! 

Also, we would like to encourage our teacher friends to take advantage of our quiet little getaway for some much needed rest! You deserve a break today!!!!

See you soon!




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